About me

I can see at once where we have to start with the clearing work to effectively come back to order – especially when people are hating the mess but do not know how to tackle the chaos. Keeping order and establishing new structures – this has always been part of me, and I love it.

By systematically sorting and structuring, I provide assistance in:

  • classifying

  • reorganizing

  • clearing up

  • disposing matters

  • cleaning included if you wish so

At every time, you will have the final say. You get back to a clear space as well as permanent structure and order matched to your individual requests and needs. You will feel so much better!

How to start with a clearing procedure?

I will ask you to describe the location and objects to be cleared up in a free initial interview. My questions are distinct and will help me to get an overview of the situation. Based on this I will prepare a non-binding offer. It covers between one hour and five consecutive hours depending on the extent of clearing work. If we get together, we fix an appointment and get started! In case more time is needed, we arrange a follow-up appointment.

When we are finished, all pieces are in place and you are in peace!

Franziska Schmid Portrait