General terms of employment


For reasons of readability, it will be waived to use specific gender in the general terms of employment. Any reference in this document that refers to persons only in the masculine form shall refer equally to men and women.

Any similarity between website sketches and real constructs is purely coincidental.


The client places his order with the clearing expert in writing. Additional costs (outside the service offered such as costs of packaging material or of disposing matters) have to be borne by the client. The presence of the client during the clearing work is essential – unless explicitly otherwise arranged.


The clearing expert will act as assistant and supporter of the client in all clearing matters: The clearing expert will help the client with the sorting of objects that the client wants to continue to use, and of those the client wants to give away. The decision is made by the client. The clearing expert will support the client in an advisory capacity but the clearing expert will assume no responsibility for the client’s decisions and their consequences.

The clearing expert guarantees to carefully handle the client’s material and documents. And of course the clearing expert will act as person of trust: she will not take any issue to the outside world.

The liability of the clearing expert is excluded for occurred damages due to nature or defective condition of the goods such as break or damage of marble plates, glass, porcelain, mirrors, glowing objects, stucco frames, light fixtures, lampshades, oven and mechanical movements – unless the fault of the clearing expert is proven.

Professional fees

The clearing expert requests for money transfer of the professional fee to her bank account or for using the possibility of payment in cash – once of order completion (unless otherwise arranged in the non-binding offer). Default in payment shall occur, without requiring any request for payment, at the latest 14 days after receipt of the invoice. The clearing expert is allowed to charge local interest rates and fees in the event of default.

The client shall inform the clearing expert at least 24 hours in advance if a clearing appointment cannot take place due to unforeseeable circumstances. In case of shorter cancellation the clearing expert reserves the right to charge 50% of the professional fee.